About Me:

Mr. Rohr is a licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist in the State of California who has been practicing since 2004 working with individuals, couples & families. Mr. Rohr graduated cum laude from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, California with a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology. Mr. Rohr did his undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego in San Diego, California. Mr. Rohr did his internship at Westminster Counseling Center in Pasadena, CA and his practicum studies at Pasadena Mental Health, Pasadena, CA.

After graduating and becoming board certified, Mr. Rohr worked as an Outpatient Therapist at Penny Lane Centers, served as Director of Mental Health Services at New Directions for Veterans and Clinical Director at U.S. VETS  working with veteran resource centers at community colleges in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Mr. Rohr has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, interviewed on T.V.'s "Insider Exclusive", L.A.'s Talk Radio and recently hosted Second Lady Karen Pence to discuss veteran mental health. 

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